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Students Against Raunchy Teabags

S.A.R.T (Students Against Raunchy Teabags)
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"Which one did you like better, Jedi or Empire?"
"Empire has the better ending: Luke gets his hand cut off by Vader, finds out he's his father, Han Solo gets taken away by Boba Fett- it ends on a down note, that's what life is... a series of down endings, all Jedi had was a bunch of muppets"
[that random quote comes courtesy of... do i even need to say?]

man... anyway... express your thoughts man... like, woah man, let's damn the man... shit man, so many pretty lights...

anyway, S.A.R.T... once stood for Students Against Removal of Tiger... now Students Against Raunchy Teabags... well, it was the logical move ^_^